International Centre for the Study of Music in the Low Countries


Bibliography of the Alamire Foundation  (1991–2011)

This bibliography is divided into 20 categories, and contains one list per category. Within each list, the items are arranged chronologically downwards per year, then alphabetically.


  1. Books and contributions to books, repertories and encyclopaedias (international)
  2. Articlels in periodicals (international)
  3. Scientific editing of series and publications
  4. Organization of international congresses and colloquia
  5. Papers proposed at international congresses and colloquia
  6. Doctoral dissertations
  7. Scientific supervision and evaluation of dissertations
  8. Reviews of scientific publications and international congresses
  9. Books and contributions to books, periodicals a.o. (national)
  10. Organization of exhibitions
  11. Co-organization of exhibitions
  12. Compilation of / Comments on concerts and CDs
  13. Colleges and seminars
  14. Scientific prizes
  15. Databases
  16. Websites
  17. Radio and TV broadcasts, press articles (incl. interviews)
  18. Lectures to a broad public (selection)
  19. Reports and applications (selection)
  20. Miscellanea