International Centre for the Study of Music in the Low Countries

Bio-bibliography “Music and the Teutonic Order”

Bio-bibliography “Music and the Teutonic Order”

Project coordinator:Bruno Bouckaert
Project collaborator: Sofie Taes
Duration: December 2006 - January 2007

The report “Nam et hic Musae habitant – Muziek en de Duitse Orde” (“Nam et hic Musae habitant – Music and the Teutonic Order”) has been presented in January 2007, in preparation of the Dag van de Oude Muziek 2008 (Alden Biesen - Musica – Flanders Festival).

A first part of this study deals with the subject “Music and the Teutonic Order” by exploring different themes from the Order’s history, its organisation, characteristics, daily practices etc.

In a second chapter, a bio-bibliographical study is presented, focusing on Grandmasters, Commanders and knights of the Order who were active as musicians, composers, mecenas etc.

To conclude the study, a few relevant concert-themes are suggested.


TAES, S., Nam et illic Musae habitant: Muziek en de Duitse Orde. Bio-bibliographical report presented by the Alamire Foundation, commissionned by Musica, Flanders Festival - Limburg, Alden Biesen, Leuven, 2007.

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