BANG! Early music on the Abbey Site


ParkCollegium during KNAL © WieBa Photography

30 Sept. 2021

BANG! Big Bang city festival

The new edition of the BANG! Festival includes a Light Track, a sound and light show that includes music. The musical material for this was drawn from a recent production by the Alamire Foundation: a recording by the Czech Ensemble Tiburtina. The music is plainchant in honour of St Norbert, taken from the manuscripts of Gempe priory.

But music will resound inside the abbey walls as well. In the Alamire Analytical Sound Lab in the Library of Voices, a soundscape with music from the Antiphoner Tsgrooten of 1522 can be heard every half hour between 5pm and 10 pm. Protagonists are the eight singers of Cappella Pratensis who sing a responsory in honour of St Augustine.

In the abbey church itself, ParkCollegium, one of the house ensembles of the Alamire Foundation, will perform at 6pm, 8pm, and 10 pm. Paul Kolb leads the ensemble in a programme of mass movements from the Mechelen Choirbook, by Matthaeus Pipelare and by Margaret of Austria’s favourite composer, Pierre de la Rue.