Laus Polyphoniae 2023: Antwerp. Townscape - Soundscape


Laus Polyphoniae 2023: Antwerp. Townscape - Soundscape

28 Feb. 2023

Long-term partners AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp) and the Alamire Foundation are joining forces once again to organize the early music festival Laus Polyphoniae.

What does a city sound like? If you walk through the streets of Antwerp today, you will hear all kinds of different sounds: cars, trams, snatches of conversation, and so on. But what did Antwerp sound like in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries? Very different, to be sure. But it certainly wasn’t a haven of peace and quiet! This edition of the Laus Polyphoniae festival entitled Antwerp. Townscape – Soundscape promises to be a lively soundtrack that recreates the music of Antwerp’s glory days. In the late fifteenth and especially the sixteenth century, the city on the Schelde experienced unprecedented economic and cultural growth. Goods from all over the world were traded there by merchant families who amassed immense fortunes. People also played music all over this bustling city, in places ranging from the biggest churches to private homes. The best Kapellmeisters were appointed to compose music for the liturgy. Antwerp was also a focal point of the art of book printing. Publishers printed collections of music for lute players who made music at home; printers such as Phalesius and Plantijn were renowned for the high quality of their musical publications. Thanks to surviving prints, we can still perform this music today, and indeed, several of the concerts at Antwerp. Townscape – Soundscape will be devoted to music prints from the city.

You can discover the full programme on our website or the AMUZ website. Ticket sales start on 4 March.