The Leuven Chansonnier is once again captivating the world


Leuven Chansonnier © Rob Stevens

19 March 2024

An extensive article on the research and valorization project dedicated to the Leuven Chansonnier has just been published.

Since 2016, the Alamire Foundation has been promoting research on the Leuven Chansonnier, the fifteenth-century manuscript of polyphonic songs, not much bigger than an iPhone, which the foundation keeps on long-term loan for the King Baudouin Foundation. In a few weeks, the first doctoral thesis on the Leuven Chansonnier will be defended, all fifty pieces will sound live and are made available on CD, and finally, we will head for Venice for a week, bringing the facsimile with us. The foundation intends to leverage these developments for a possible future international research project.

Are you intrigued by the question of who the Leuven Chansonnier actually belonged to? Read the findings and developments in this article