Voices of Passion


Stile Antico © Kaupo Kikkas


The Alamire Foundation conducts and encourages research into the plainchant and the polyphony of the Low Countries. The Voices of Passion festival is the stage for the research results, which we want to share it with as many listeners as possible.

The performances usually take place in the church of Park Abbey, and are accompanied by introductions in the House of Polyphony and an extensive programme book. As part of the festival, workshops and fringe activities are organised for pre-professional ensembles specializing in chant and polyphony.

From the performances emerges a unique interaction between audience, performers, and researchers. In turn, this interaction leads to a deeper understanding of the repertoire and its further exploration - among other places at the innovative and high-tech labs of the Library of Voices and the House of Polyphony, located on the beautiful site of Park Abbey.