Franco-Flemish polyphony from original sources


Students Royal Conservatoire The Hague at KBR


The Alamire Foundation’s activity in the area of valorization for education has led to Franco-Flemish polyphony from original sources: Petrus Alamire and his musical universe, a course cycle organized in partnership with the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

The intention and objectives can be formulated as follows: young musicians become acquainted with the world of Franco-Flemish polyphony as it is expressed in the Alamire corpus. The high-resolution images by the Alamire Foundation make it possible to sing directly from the fifteenth and sixteenth century sources. Attention is paid both to reading mensural notation and to singing techniques used specifically for singing in a vocal ensemble. By becoming proficient in plainchant, solmization and improvised counterpoint, the participants gain deeper insight into the repertoire. All the compositions come from the preserved Alamire manuscripts, including prominent composers such as Johannes Ockeghem, Pierre de la Rue, Josquin des Prez and Adriaan Willaert.



  • to interpret and perform Franco-Flemish polyphony from the source and prepare editions for the performance of this repertoire;
  • to gain intuition and insight into the musical grammar and style of fifteenth and sixteenth century compositions;
  • to make music in the context of a vocal ensemble;
  • to be able to lead a small ensemble performing polyphony;
  • to develop an independent vision of research and performance practice of fifteenth and sixteenth century polyphony.

Partner: Royal Conservatoire The Hague