Musical Interactions, 1400-1650


Sep 14 - 17, 2022

Musical interaction is a common topic in scholarly literature, yet the notion itself is still not fully theorized. Narrow approaches to it have often resulted in the marginalization of repertories and produced music-historical narratives unduly centralized around dominant traditions. This conference aims to shed new light on contexts, dynamics, and outcomes of musical interactions between regions in Europe and overseas from the late Middle Ages to the early modern era. It aims in particular to reassess repertories that have been neglected in, or left out of, mainstream music-historical accounts. The conference hopes to contribute to reassessing the concepts of centre and periphery and to laying the methodological foundation of a new music-historical paradigm.

Our colleagues David Burn and Alessandra Ignesti are members of both the Scientific and Organizing Committees of the conference. In addition, Antonio Chemotti and Paul Kolb are members of the Scientific Committee.

The conference is organized as part of projects CELSA „Musical Interactions between the Low Countries and Central Europe, 1400-1650“, led by David Burn and Lenka Hlávková and EXPRO „Old Myths, New Facts: Czech Lands in the Centre of 15th-century Music Developments“, led by Hana Vlhová-Wörner.