Script and Sound Seminar: Early Music Research at KBR


© KBR, Ms. 5557, fol. 10v / Alamire Digital Lab

Jun 13 2024

The Script and Sound Seminar provides a platform for early music research at KBR – Royal Library of Belgium, with particular attention to the sources preserved there. It takes place in the context of the FED-tWIN programme From Script to Sound, which frames a long-term collaboration between KBR and the Alamire Foundation, aimed at studying the musical heritage from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The event is free but registration is required at (deadline for registration is 11 June 2024).

Location: Atelier of KBR Museum (Mont des Arts 28, 1000 Bruxelles)
Convenor: Antonio Chemotti


Pieter Mannaerts, Tracing the City with Chants and Holy Blood: Repertory and Itinerary in KBR MS IV.210

Miriam Wendling, Dutch-Language Collects in Late Medieval Women's Death Rituals

Coffee break

Paweł Gancarczyk and Nicolò Ferrari, New Codicological Research on KBR MS 5557: A Preliminary Report

Paweł Gancarczyk, An Anonymous Agnus Dei from KBR MS 5557 and its Central European Connections

Nicolò Ferrari, The Relationship Between KBR MS 5557 and Napoli, Biblioteca Centrale, VI E 40: A Crusading Connection?

Coffee break

Henry Drummond, The Art of Persuasion in Early Modern Litany Collections

Lothar Peirsman, The Jesuits and Philippe de Monte's Spiritual Madrigals: Exploring the Books from 1583 and 1590

Meet the sources: exposition of the KBR sources discussed