Music and Theology in Reformation Germany: The Case of Leonhard Päminger

October 2009 - September 2015

This project examines the relationship between music and theological doctrine during the Reformation. The project focuses on Leonhard Päminger (1495-1567), one of the period's most fascinating figures for investigating this question. Päminger was not only an extremely prolific composer, but also a major poet and theologian who was directly caught up in the musical and theological debates of the Reformation. He spent much of his life in the Catholic city of Passau, where he held important positions at one of the city's principal educational establishments. Despite this employment situation, he was himself a Lutheran and maintained direct links with reformers, including Martin Luther, Philip melanchthon, and Veit Dietrich. The research aims at relating Päminger's religious compositions to the theological views expressed in his writings. Secondly, the project aims at a comprehensive assessment and critical edition of his oeuvre.